Everything began with Joachim Nyberg wishing for a gitarr then his dad played for him. Something like that he never got, but on his 10th birthday he got a real one. In the late 80’s he met Robert Bävermalm, Berntsson. In a coincidence, it discovered the common interest in music.

Made the band Underwhere and the hit song Alison was a fact that was a favorite at Ales Nightclub where they often had gigs. Since then they have recorded their own LP and studio albums along with several rock bands who participated in the Ale Rock.

The new story of UNDERWHERE actually begins 28 years later when Jojo and Robbie reunite. In the beginning, the most of resuming a hobby, but over time, old songs have been made in new vintage and after that it comes to one hit song after the other. Jojo stands for all instrumental recording and together with Robbie they write the lyrics together and their collaboration grows into awesome songs. The texts are based on their own life experience / life view and go straight into the heart. Jojo mix all song in his home studio “Jojo & Robbie Productins”

UNDERWHERE has many fans from before, but also a growing audience because they are discovered in various social media and music stations. They have fans from Sweden, England, Dubai and USA…