Just want to thank everone supporting us. Firstly my gorgeous wife Tiina Nyberg who let’s me do my thing. Robert Bävermalm my bro and a big inspiration. Funda Vougt for lending her talent to us on our latest song. Her previous involvement with underwhere was 1993 with our radio hit Alison in Denmark. Actually true!!!

Big thanks to Thomas Piehl and mother misery. I love you guys. Todd Greer for showing that nothing is impossible. Felix von Schoting for your great support. Peter Hallin. You really inspires me.

I know I have forgot to mention some fantastic people but you are not forgotten.

Old clan members as Peter Nilsen Peter Dahlman Joakim Strandberg Jonas Ekstrand. Miss you guys

And last maybe our biggest supporter Helen Norman with her endless love for us and UNDERWHERE.

And as well Bavermalm and Berntsson families

Rock on. Have a awesome Weekend.

From a warm Dubai